Old Town Praline is a true New Orleans family-owned and operated candy and gift shop that offers only the finest quality products at their most reasonable cost. At Old Town we have been taking care to offer only quality work at reasonable pricing since 1932. This year as of July 31st. we will become an internet only store. After all these years, we will give up our storefront yet continue to service your needs just as we always have. Nothing in that regard will change. It will all be done by those of us you have meet again and again in our storefront. Our email, and telephone number will be the same. Indeed our family owned operation will continue just as it has in the past.Our family looks forward to continuing to offer all the same services you have become accustomed to. If you live nearby we will deliver to you or to others you wish to give a gift or leave your package at a designated pick up point. And be assured, we will continue to deliver to hotels, hospitals and reception halls. And of course, we are always happy to handle your request for mail orders.
We're also proud to say that we have been featured on the Al Roker Travel Show, in the NEW YORK TIMES, USA Today, The Gambit, L.A. Times, and just recently in the New Orleans Magazine. Among the memorabilia on our walls is a letter from Cecil B. DeMille telling us how much he enjoyed our pralines on his train ride back to Hollywood!


By standard mail:
Old Town Praline & Gift Shop
1506 Veterans Memorial Blvd
Metairie, LA 70005

By phone:
Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

By email:

Our family owned and operated business and store dates back to 1935. Old Town came to it’s first home in the French Quarter at 627 Royal Street in 1933 and was brought there by Joe Toomey. At that time he was a part owner of the Jacob Candy Co. located near Canal Street. When Jacob’s closed, he opened the praline gift shop on Royal Steet. My grandmother, Louise, and her family lived above the shop and she eventually went to work for the Toomey’s. In 1964, Mr. Toomey decided to retire and offered the business to Louise because he knew how much she had grown to love it. Naturally, she was delighted and her son purchased Old Town as a gift to her. The Toomey’s praline maker, (who preferred to always be known only as Sister) stayed on and remained working with my grandmother for many, many years. Very quickly Old Town became a real family run operation. Louise’s sisters and a brother worked with her while her children and grandchildren were always around to help. While Louise worked with Sister in the kitchen, which was housed in the patio, her sister's and niece would busy themselves by making dolls and other items to sell in the little shop on Royal. Her daughter Mary Lou painted miniatures while a brother and nephew did other paintings that were sold both in the shop and patio. Handmade dolls were made right in the shop by one of her sister and later a niece.

Of course, time does not stand still, and things do change, but, they don’t change much at Old Town. We still make our own pralines and candies everyday, using the same ingredients and cooking techniques, just as they were taught to us. We still have a family member making our dolls and we still pack our candies right after their made, for shipping. As the older folks in our family passed on, the younger generation who had worked and learned from them stepped into the business and continued to see that Old Town would remain an important part of our family and our city. Indeed, five generations of our family have served you over these many years. While a great storm forced new beginnings for us twice within the last 24 months you can be assured that our family will continue to offer our customers top quality products. You are always welcome to visit with us and watch as we make the pralines and candies you’ve enjoyed for so long.